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Board & District Public Reports
Board & District Public Reports

The Surrey Board of Education recognizes the importance of and promotes public accountability regarding district performance and financial and business management. Each year, reports are prepared and made available free of charge to the public and you are encouraged to review them.


Financial Reports

Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)
Report of remuneration and expenses of all trustees and employees with salaries exceeding $75,000, and suppliers of goods and services in excess of $25,000.

Financial Statements
Audited reports on the district's financial position for a specified fiscal year.

Budget Report
Reports on the budget in advance of the upcoming school year, and an amended budget once enrolments are known.

Executive Compensation Report
Details of all compensation provided to the Chief Executive Officer and the next four highest paid executives with a base salary of $125,000 or greater.


Performance Reports

Superintendent's Report on Student Achievement
Highlights the progress being made in attaining student achievement goals.

Annual Report On Student Achievement
Highlights initiatives throughout the district that have shown promise in improving student learning and are in keeping with the Ministry of Education's agenda for change.

Superintendent's Year End Report
Highlights significant and notable accomplishments of the past year, as well as identifies areas for priority attention in the future.

Achievement Contract
Highlights progress made in improving student achievement, outlines student achievement goals and performance targets for current initiatives and describes the strategies used to assist schools and specific groups of students in raising student achievement.

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